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The Neighbourhood: Working with Coffee Compass to make a difference



Student life

Here at The Neighbourhood we take pride in the businesses we choose to work with. Our student accommodation is luxurious, we only pick high-quality products and services and we build valued and trusted relationships. We’re in the wonderful position of being able to cherry-pick our suppliers, and one of the partnerships we’re most proud of is the one we have with UK-based artisan coffee suppliers, Coffee Compass.

Our relationship with Coffee Compass is not only important because of their high-quality products and great reputation, but also because of their integrity. You see, Coffee Compass import fine coffees from all the major growing areas in the world. They hand-roast them using traditional slow-roast methods for a fuller flavour. Coffee is their passion. But that’s not all. At Coffee Compass, the team seek out quality coffee producers from areas hard-hit by violence and crime. They support legitimate businesses and hardworking individuals, treat them fairly and create employment opportunities and stability within communities.

Our relationship with Coffee Compass gives us the chance to support communities like the ones in the Oaxaca region (pronounced Wa-ha-ca), in Southern Mexico. In Oaxaca, located along the Pacific coast, there’s a farm nestled in the basin of the Copalita river. The scenery within this region is incredible, the soil conditions are fantastic, and the trees provide a natural canopy of shade that makes it perfect for growing quality coffee. But locals in Oaxaca have witnessed protest, violence and death. Their lives have been marred by destruction.

The community has worked hard to rebuild and heal itself, and in this particular farm, called Aurora, coffee beans are hand-picked and carefully washed. There is a wonderful depth to the coffee that comes from the Aurora farm. It has a smooth body with a chocolatey sweetness and accentuation on the deeper, richer notes. And the sweetest thing of all is that at The Neighbourhood we know that by working with the Aurora farm and Coffee Compass we’re able to help make a real difference. So the next time you’re on the ground floor social space, sipping that cup of coffee from Mexicoco, remember that you’re making a difference, too.

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