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Top five tips for surviving Clearing



Student life

by Josh

The day you find out you have to go through to clearing, the day you receive those results you've worked so hard for, is going to be hard. But do not fret, it's not as bad as you think!

I needed 3 A’s for my first choice which for my standards was always going to be ambitious. Seemingly more realistic was my second choice uni where a lot of my pals ended up. However I ended up in the clearing position. Disappointed with my results I frantically searched for the Advisor asking him all sorts of questions about the path I could now take. Looking at the laptop screen for places to go was not the easiest task I had to complete that day, as I was dealing with the feeling of failure too. Then I found Cardiff.

I'd always heard that Cardiff was a great city. I didn't know anybody there but I've come away with lifelong friends. Even if it’s not Cardiff you’re going to, but clearing you’re going through, university is a time to do what you want and you're going to have the time of your life.

Your first glimpse of Cardiff City will most likely happen with your family, bringing your PS3, clothes and notepads across the river. The Severn Bridge is an almighty structure with turquoise beams then it takes 20 minutes to drive to Cardiff from there. You go in a tunnel, you come close to a hospital and before you know it you’re there – in Wales’ capital. 

Once you’re settled in your room, it’s time to say your goodbyes. It’s not forever though. This is the time you begin to find out who you are with no parental guidance. We’re still kids really at 18 year old, but we are free at last! All of us are gallivanting not quite sure how to behave. We lounge about, we explore the city, we find friends and we find love. It’s a time to learn how you handle different situations and how you spend your time differently than when you’re at home.

You’ll get to like rugby if you don’t already. FYI, a varsity match is played each year in the Millennium stadium for which the whole of Cardiff and Swansea University attend. I’ve got to say, if you are from England you do have to support them both in rugby and football, and cricket and others.

Hindsight is a beneficial tool, what you would do differently is how you can be different in the future. My advice as a Cardiff Graduate is to study, the one thing I wish I did more is that. Universities have professors and libraries filled with knowledge, use all the resources to your advantage. Learn from your experience and learn from your studies. Good luck. I survived. So will you.

Top five tips for surviving clearing

  1. Stay positive – you’re going to get through this, it’s not as bad as you think. Talk to others around you who can help
  2. You’re not alone – there are literally thousands of people in the same boat as you. Get in touch with your Advisor who can help you
  3. Be prepared – it’s going to be a long day on the phone and laptop, get your self comfy, chargers plugged in, coffee next to you
  4. Get smart – whichever university you get in to, use it as a chance to get your grades up again
  5. Celebrate – you’re going to get into uni, and although it might not be the one you *thought* you wanted to go to, make this opportunity count. As I say, I found some awesome friends for life and am a fully qualified grown up
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